Ziplok is an American rapper, producer and businessman from Nashua, New Hampshire. The streets of Nashua & Manchester New Hampshire, Lowell, Lawrence, Boston, & Dracut, Massachusetts yield stories of drugs, crime and poverty, and that got Ziplok falling in love with Hip Hop and renderring to the world what its influence had created. With lyrics and subject matter that could be labeled as edgy, Ziplok entrances his audiences with a clean, refreshing take on the "rap" element of the culture. Vibrant and "beachy" tracks like Lose My Mind produced by BangOut (50 Cent Disco Inferno, Lloyd Banks Hands Up), remind fans of how fun Hip Hop music can be. While his signature song Excuse Me produced by BangOut also, pokes fun at some political views that the Nashua, New Hampshire bred rapper sees within society Ziplok moves through his different expressions with a rare delivery complimented by funk, pop and even hardcore beats that set him above his competitors in various aspects.
In 2010 moved from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. He has mastered the art of promotion through these mediums and established Ziplok as a brand on nearly every network. Ziplok ensured that his fans would be able to find his MP3s with just the click of a button. Fans can look forward to hearing this artist on collaborations with Young Dirty Bastard, Baby Eazy-E (E3), Rampage The Last Boy Scout and the Joe Jackson co-signed Scott Isbell.

In 2017 Ziplok produced the 2 comedy albums Jerky Boyz 5000 hosted by Ziplok and Scott Isbell as well as Roseanne Barr, Queen Of Comedy Vol. 1 and released both on the brand new label Free Downloads Records through youtube, soundcloud and many other mp3 download sites. Ziplok also released the album Welcome 2 New Hampshire on Free Downloads Records through youtube and many other mp3 sites. Just download all the albums here the links will be posted soon.

Performances - 2000 Macabees Clearwater, Florida

        2000 Liquid Blue Clearwater, Florida

                          2001 Tampa Bay Hip Hop, Tampa, Florida

                          2001 Tampa Bay Hip Hop, Tampa, Florida

                          2003 Tampa Bay Freestyle Battle, Tampa, Florida

                          2008 Millys, Manchester, New Hampshire

                          2010 Club Iguana, Manhattan, New York 5 Appearances (5th place in Hip Hop 16 Bars Contest and DVD)

                          2011 Saint Petersburg, Florida 

                          2011 Davincis Bradenton Beach, Florida with Sly Guy (Clearwater Artist)

                          2011 Atlanta, Georgia

                          2011 Da Blitz, Riverdale, Georgia

                          2012 Atlanta, Georgia                           

                          2013 Atlanta, Georgia 

                          2015 Atlanta, Georgia

(Many performances not listed are were not publicized events)